Country Cream 100% Real Instant Nonfat Milk, case of six #10 cans Nonfat Milk Case of 6 #10 Cans

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Brand: Country Cream

Enjoy the delicious taste of milk without the aftertaste with Country Cream Powdered Milk. Made from 100% instant non-fat milk, with added vitamins A & D, this milk is perfect for anyone who wants a cream-like consistency without any added ingredients. Simply mix one part powder to two parts water, or to your desired taste, and enjoy the rich, creamy taste.
This nonfat milk is great for baking and is a staple in any pantry. It has a long shelf life of up to 20 years, making it a perfect addition to any emergency food supply. Each case includes 6 #10 cans, with a total weight of 18.6 pounds.
Made using the spray drying method, Country Cream Powdered Milk dissolves readily in water and is perfect as a substitute for fresh milk. This milk powder is enriched with calcium, iron, and folate, making it a nutrient-rich addition to any diet.
Get your Country Cream Powdered Milk CASE of 6 cans today and enjoy the great taste and convenience of this high-quality milk powder!
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