ClearCreek Black Beans - 25 LB Bucket

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Brand: Clearcreek

Introducing ClearCreek Black Beans, a 25 LB bucket of high-quality, Pacific Northwest-sourced beans that are both easy to cook and delicious to eat.
Our black beans are grown on a Washington State farm that represents the rich flavors and quality of the Pacific Northwest. With a dense and meaty texture, these beans are perfect for adding to soups, salads, chili, burgers, tacos, and more. And the best part? Dry black beans can be cooked in just 45 minutes, with no soaking required. But if you're looking for a shorter cook time, you can soak them first.
Our black beans come packaged in air-tight, long-term storage buckets that can last decades. The bucket lids contain a rubber gasket that creates an air-tight seal to keep your black beans fresh even after opening. Please note that the color of the bucket may vary between blue and white.
We take pride in being Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Non-Irradiated (an accepted practice that exposes your food to radiation for sterilization). Moreover, our black beans will sprout, making them a versatile ingredient for any kitchen. Get your hands on ClearCreek Black Beans today and enjoy the delicious flavors of the Pacific Northwest.
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