Future Essentials Sailor Pilot Bread 9.9 Ounce Case - (Pack of 12)

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Brand: Future Essentials

Introducing our Pilot Bread Crackers, now available in a convenient 9.9 ounce size pack of 12 cans! Each can contains 12 crackers, making it a perfect snack for daytime munching or a crispy accompaniment to your favorite soups and casseroles. Our Pilot Bread Crackers are 100% US procured and produced, ensuring the quality of each bite.
The crackers come packed in a 2.5 can, with a net weight of 9.9 ounces per can. What sets our Pilot Bread Crackers apart from the rest is their 30-year shelf life, making them an excellent choice for emergency food storage. These lightweight snacks are even used as survival rations in pilot emergency kits due to their no-cook, no-preparation, and no-rehydration properties. Simply pop open the lid and enjoy!
Aside from their long shelf life and convenient packaging, Pilot Bread Crackers are a significant source of food energy in a small, durable, and lightweight package. The smaller 2.5 can saves space, especially when you're packing for a trip. Pilot Bread tastes great with a variety of toppings such as cheese, peanut butter, salami, or even dipped in soup or coffee.
For those unfamiliar with Pilot Bread Crackers, they are also known as Ship's Biscuit and Hardtack. Hardtack is derived from the British sailor slang for food, "tack." These crackers are known for their hard and dry texture, which helps them survive rough handling and endure extremes of temperature. Many early physicians believed that daily consumption of a biscuit was beneficial for one's health, hence the popularity of biscuits like Pilot Bread.
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