Black Berkey Primer

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Brand: Berkey

Introducing the Black Berkey Primer, the hand-powered priming pump that offers a simple and efficient way to prime Black Berkey Elements, without requiring any faucet or hose connections. With the Black Berkey Primer, you can now easily saturate the filters with water before their use, ensuring that you can produce clean water anywhere.
Not only does the Black Berkey Primer allow you to prime the filters, but it also purges the Black Berkey Elements with air instead of water to clean the compressed carbon filter wall's proprietary pores. This process has two advantages: it clears any debris that may have accumulated during use and reduces the time and effort required to dry the filters before storing them.
If you're having trouble priming your elements in a small sink, the Black Berkey Primer offers a perfect alternative solution. The Black Berkey Primer creates a simple pressure gradient that draws water into the center of each Black Berkey Element, allowing for the most effective water filtration possible.
The Black Berkey Primer is specially designed for Black Filters only, making it the easiest way to prime and clean your Black Berkey Elements. All you have to do is attach the Black Berkey Element to the Black Berkey Primer, fully immerse it in water, and let the primer do the rest of the work. Get your hands on the Black Berkey Primer and enjoy clean water production, no matter where you are!