AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Bag (60 Gallon)

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Brand: AquaTank

Introducing the AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Bag, available in a 60 gallon capacity, designed for both emergency and long-term home water storage. Whether you're camping, staying in a cabin, or at a bug-out location, the AQUATANK-2 is the ideal solution to keep water stored safely and easily accessible.
Made and warrantied for a static environment, the AQUATANK-2 is built to last with a durable outer shell and a food-grade inner liner that is puncture-resistant. Unlike other PVC and plastic tanks or bladders, the AQUATANK-2 is odorless and won't leave a strange taste or smell in your water. It's also highly portable, with even the largest size weighing less than 5lbs when empty and fitting easily into a small box for storage.
Available in various sizes, including 15, 30, 60, 150, and 300 gallons, the AQUATANK-2 is easy to use. Simply fill it with water using a standard Garden Hose Thread hose connection and release the water by opening the outlet side on the opposite end.
Perfect for emergency preparedness, the AQUATANK-2 provides peace of mind by offering a large amount of drinkable water storage when it is most needed. It is a great addition to your emergency supplies, providing you with the highest capacity, portability, and food-grade benefits.
With the AQUATANK-2, you can rest assured that you're investing in a high-quality, long-lasting water storage solution that is much stronger than traditional rubber bladder systems. Say no to Bisphenol A and Phthalates and invest in the safest, toughest, and lightest bladder on the market. Click the add to cart button to enjoy a new level of convenience and safety with the AQUATANK-2 Water Storage Bladder Bag.