Anker SOLIX C1000X Portable Power Station (1056 Wh| 1800W)

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Options: SOLIX C1000 Portable Power Station - 1056Wh

Brand: Anker

Introducing the Anker SOLIX C1000X Portable Power Station, a reliable companion for your adventures. With an impressive 1056Wh capacity and 1800W output, allowing you to be better prepared. The UltraFast recharging feature allows an 80% recharge in just 43 minutes, or 100% in 58 minutes using AC input.
Built for longevity, the SOLIX C1000 boasts a 10-year lifespan and over 3,000 battery cycles, providing consistent power for a decade. SurgePad technology delivers 2400W, sufficient to power 99% of appliances, and its 11 ports enable simultaneous device charging.
Recharge sustainably with up to 600W fast solar recharging, achieving a full charge in 1.8 hours with a 600W solar input. The Anker app empowers you to customize charging speeds and access real-time stats.
Designed for portability, the SOLIX C1000 is 15% smaller than other 1kWh power stations, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Weighing just 28.44lb, it's a compact powerhouse for your next outdoor excursion.
Options: SOLIX C1000 Portable Power Station - 1056Wh