Mylar Outlet 100-Pack Mylar Bags Assortment Pack & 100-Pack 300cc Oxygen Absorbers - Twenty-Five (25) 10" x 14", Thirty-Five (35) 6" x 9", & Forty (40) 4.3" x 6.3" Bags - 9 Mil Thickness - Heat-Sealable & Ziplock Resealable

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Brand: Harvest Right

This package includes 100 mylar food storage bags in 3 sizes - 25 10"x14" 1 Gallon bags, 35 6"x9" bags, and 40 4.3"x6.3" bags - all 9 mil thick. You'll also receive 100 oxygen absorbers and 150 labeling stickers. The bags are made of food-grade, premium aluminum foil that is BPA-free, odor-proof, and heat-sealable. They can withstand temperatures from -55°C (-67°) to 120°C (248°F,) ensuring your food stays fresh and protected from light, moisture, and insects. To use, simply fill the bag with food and an oxygen absorber, remove air, and seal using an impulse sealer or household iron. These reusable bags can be sealed and opened multiple times. Suitable for a variety of items, including candy, freeze-dried products, spices, baking powder, and more.