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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Bugging-Out on a Yacht

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Bugging-Out on a Yacht

When looking for the perfect location to bug-out, it’s worthwhile to take a look at options on the water. Yachts are great for bugging out on the water because they are transportable, relatively a cheap option, and are great for getting away from the problems of the world.

When looking into BOL's (bug-out locations) on the water, there are many options to take into account. In this article, we’ll be talking about all of the options that bug-out yachts offer. There are many different kinds, sizes, and factors to take into account when looking at what would fit you and your family best. It’s important to take a look at all of the options before settling on the perfect yacht for you.

Yachts are great for bugging-out on the water because they have space and storage to comfortably live on the boat. They have sleeping quarters (the cabin), a kitchen (the galley), bathrooms (the head), and plenty of room for storage and keeping your stockpile. Before we get into different yacht options, Survival Frog brings up several benefits and challenges of having a yacht as a bug out location. Let’s talk about some of those.


There are many benefits of having a yacht as a location for keeping your stockpile for when the end days come. Let’s go over some of those specifics.

Price Range

Yachts come in many different price ranges, which means that whether you have lots of money to spend, or are looking for an affordable BOL, you will be able to find a yacht that fits your needs and budget.
There is a large variety of yachts, which we’ll discuss specifically a little bit later. But the range of price and size is incredible, from mansion yachts to low-end, not necessarily ready to voyage across the water yachts. These low-end boats may still be expensive from some perspectives, but if we look at these yachts as a place where you can take your family for shelter, food, and water when times get rough, a yacht is a relatively cheap option compared to other BOL's. So, whether or not you want to purchase a yacht simply as a place to get away to, or whether you want to go all out and start spending all your time there anyway, a yacht is the best option for you.

Long Term Self-Sufficiency

Another benefit of yachts, and boats in general as an option for a BOL is that boats are designed to be self-sufficient, and most of them stay that way for a long time.  Boats are built sturdy and reliable because they have to be. The ocean, and water of any form, is a formidable opponent. Many of these yachts have systems and features that make self-sufficiency easily attainable, including watermakers, sewage systems, huge fuel storage, etc.


A yacht is one of the most transportable BOL options around. Even with RVs or campers, you can’t get the kind of freedom you have with a yacht. A yacht can take you nearly anywhere in the world. The waterways are open and relatively problem-free, which brings us to our next benefit of having a bug-out yacht.

Away from the Problems of the World

In the end days, the land is a risky place to be in general. That’s where the problems will be, whether famine, corruption, disease or what else have you. Unfortunately, a lot of the problems of the end days will be concerning and related to other people. This is where a BOL comes into use. You need somewhere to hide away from the world. Cabins and other hideouts can be great, but what’s more private than a ship?

Good Investment

Another great benefit of having a yacht as a BOL is that it would be a great investment. You can use it for more than just for a BOL. Whether or not the world starts ending and things get bad, you’ll still have made a great investment. You and your family can have fun on your yacht, as well as feel comfortable knowing that you’ll have a safe place if things start going bad. It’s an investment that will more than pay itself off in the end.

Plenty of Room for Stockpiling

The majority of yachts have more than enough room to both live in and store your food storage and stockpile in.

Lots of Renewable Energy

Again, boats are built to last, and they’re also extremely self-sufficient. Many yachts already have solar panels or sails built into the boat. But, even if your boat doesn’t have many renewable energy options, you can always add those options to your boat to make it work for you.

Travel Large Distances

Boats are for traveling long distances, which can be a great benefit to having a yacht as a BOL. You can get in your yacht and travel miles away from any issue and problem. Freedom in the end days is extremely important and crucial. And a BOL yacht can easily provide this freedom.  There are so many different fuel options for different types of yachts.

Many Options for Different Families

As we just talked about, the yacht options are endless. You and your family can find the perfect BOL yacht for your needs. We’ll talk a little bit later about different yacht sizing and types of yachts to find the perfect fit for you and your family.


Before we go into the specifics of different yachts, let’s talk about some of the challenges you may face when having a yacht as a BOL.


The weather, of course, is going to be something to be aware of when having your BOL on the water. You can’t hide from the elements when out on the water. Especially with the concern of tsunamis, it can be scary to be out at sea. But there are procedures to be followed and ways to stay safe despite these concerns. It’s important to stay up to date on weather warnings. As for tsunamis, once you hear the warning, it’s important to get as far away from the shore as possible. Out in the deep sea, a tsunami may only be a foot tall or so. The closer to shore, the bigger the swells get.

Then there are the everyday concerns as well including heatstroke and sunburn. It’s important to stay hydrated and have the proper sun protection including sunscreen, hats, and shade.


Electronics can be hard to have on your ship because of the constant water and weather exposure. As well as the problem of energy to keep the electronics charged and connected. For the most part, satellite radios can be used for emergency use to connect to the world on land. There are also many different solutions to protect and use your electronics, but it is something to be aware of.


If your BOL is on a yacht, it will be important to know how to survive on the water. It doesn’t matter if you get the fanciest most upgraded yacht on the market, if you don’t have the skills required to survive at sea, you won’t survive long. If you don’t have the skills now, there is still time to gain those skills though. A large part of being prepared is being prepared mentally. Some of the skills that would be good to have are sailing, boating, swimming, CPR, and preparedness classes in general.


Weapons are a necessity when planning out your BOL but being in international waters may make that a bit tricky. Of course, out on international waters, you can have whatever weapons you desire, but the problems come when you come up onto the shore of a different country. A good piece of advice is to simply have a variety of weapons on board. You can have your firearms but include some other weapons as well so you can protect your family and boat from possible invaders.


Visibility is also another challenge that a yacht BOL presents. The benefit of a camper or bunker BOL is that you can stay hidden away from society and other people. Boats do not offer that protection. When on water, you can be seen from miles away. The benefit of this though is that you can also see another boat coming from miles away. This is something to think about when looking into a boat BOL.

Types of Yachts

Let’s get down to business! The following are the many kinds of yachts that are available to purchase, which Van Isle Marina does a great job of describing. Let’s take a look at each of these to see how they compare, and what they would provide as a BOL.

Mansion Yacht

This Mansion Yacht is the prepper’s BOL dream. While it may be out of most everyone’s price range, this is a good example to look at, as it has it all. This would be a great option if you, your family and close family friends all want to bug-out together as it has the ultimate amount of room. Of course, if you want to keep your circle tighter, all those extra bedrooms can be used as storage.


  • Made out of stainless steel (strong and resilient frame)
  • Completely self-sufficient for however long you need to stay on the yacht
  • Can come with up to 9,000 square feet of living space
  • Five massive stateroom cabins
  • Bathrooms empty into a 1,600-gallon wastewater tank
  • 1,600-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • 5,000-gallon fresh water tank
  • 72 solar panels produce 15 kilowatts of power
  • Has four powerful 18-foot hydraulic legs that lift the yacht out of the water to turn the yacht into an elevated mansion

Now, you may be looking at this and thinking “that is way too much,” which is totally understandable. There are many options that may fit you and your family much better.

Sailing Yacht

A sailing yacht is mainly propelled by sails. They most usually have a cabin which would provide the shelter needed for long-term use. These are simple and great for conserving energy and fuel, as the wind does most of the work. That being said, it may be more difficult to get to safety quickly as you rely solely on the wind.

Motor Yacht

A motor yacht, on the other hand, is propelled in the majority by one or more motors. Because they are still a yacht, they have a cabin that provides shelter for long-term use. These yachts are great for propelling you faster and with more purpose than a sailing yacht could manage. But they also require more fuel and energy.

Gulet Yacht

A gulet yacht is a type of yacht that can be chartered for use in different countries. It’s also a common term for a boat that has both sails and motors. This would be an extremely beneficial yacht to have as a BOL. When the wind is good and pushing you in the direction you want to go, you can use the sails. If you need to get away from/to somewhere quickly, the motors will come in handy. This would also reduce the amount of fuel and energy you would use, as you have both options.

Open Yacht/Cabin Cruiser

An open yacht or cabin cruiser is a loose term for an otherwise uncategorized standard yacht. They are also often called cruisers or express cruisers. These are great for entertaining but can also be used as a BOL.

Sports Yacht

A sports yacht is often used more concerning fishing or sports. It has a sleek and powerful design that is made to glide through the water at faster speeds. As a BOL, this would be a great option for a smaller family who is focused on getting to another part of the world, or far away from land as possible.

Catamaran Yacht

A catamaran yacht is one that may not be the best option for a BOL. It’s a yacht with two hulls (pontoons). It’s meant for slow relaxing rides usually in shallow waters. These are great for parties and entertaining, but may not be ideal as a BOL. Of course, if there’s a spot at sea near shallow waters where you know that you are safe. These are often made out of fiberglass as well, which isn’t the best material for a BOL yacht. Aluminum or stainless steel are much better options.


Standard Yacht – less than 78 feet (24 meters)

Superyacht – more than 78 feet (24 meters)

Megayacht – more than 260 feet (80 meters)

Your family size, supply needs, expected stay at the BOL, etc. will determine the size of yacht you’re looking at buying. It’s a good idea to assess those things before going in to buy a yacht.

What You Need to Bug Out on a Boat

Deck garden – a deck garden is a great addition to your BOL yacht. It will provide you with much-needed nutrition and sustenance.

Fishing poles and kits – these items will be a lifesaver in helping provide protein and nutrients to you and your family

Watermaker – Many yachts already have a water purifier in place. If not, it is a great investment to add that to your yacht. While you may be surrounded by water on your yacht, if you don’t have drinkable water, you won’t last long.

Blankets and spare clothes – While it may get hot out at sea, it also gets very cold. It’s important to have a place to keep spare clothes and blankets dry and available.

Life jackets – It doesn’t matter how good of a swimmer you are; the sea is an impossible opponent. It’s important to have life jackets for every person on board.

Seasickness medication – So many days out at sea may very well do some unpleasant things to you and your loved ones. Seasickness medication is great to have on hand.

Maps and GPS – It can be hard to keep track of your location while at sea which makes it even more important to be prepared with maps.

I hope this has helped you in your journey of obtaining a yacht to use as your BOL. Thanks for your time! Happy prepping!

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