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Ten Interesting Gardening Hacks

Ten Interesting Gardening Hacks

Gardening is one of the most productive hobbies there are. If you are into gardening then not only you are contributing to the Mother Nature but also diverting your mind into doing something creative. Gardening is something that you can do all year round. It may be in the season of Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter. However, the types of plants you grow does depend on the type of season you are growing them in. Every plant has their own unique characteristics and is suitable in different environments. As an individual we are always finding ways to make our work efficient and effective. In terms of gardening there are several hacks which you can implement to make your lives easier. I have compiled a list of ten interesting gardening hacks which will be of your peculiar interest. Have a look at them!

  1. Extra Glass Bottles
You must have extra glass bottles just lying around in your house and serving no purpose. How about putting them to use? You can easily use a glass bottle for gradual water supply for your plant by filling it with water, tilting it downwards and digging it in the pot or the sand of your garden.

  1. Egg Shells
We all eat eggs on daily purpose. Most of us like eating eggs in our breakfast as it is the basic provider of protein for our bodies. However, what happens to the egg shells? They go in the waste bin. As a matter of fact, you can use those eggs shells in your plants to support the seeds that you have planted and the baby plants which are growing.

  1. Cinnamon

You might be wondering that what can something like Cinnamon be used in gardening. Well it can serve you a very good purpose. Use a pinch of cinnamon or sprinkle cinnamon onto the soil in order to prevent the young plants from getting disease. This will help your plant to grow and not die in the early stages.


  1. Alternative For Water Can
Watering plants is the basic job to do, because if you don’t water them they will eventually die. Water is one of their basic necessities. However, if you do not have a watering can you can also take a plastic bottle with a cap, punch small holes in it with a pin and you can easily water your plans just like you water them with a watering can.

  1. Soak Seeds
If you want your plants to not only grow but take root, grow faster and stronger then one of the main thing that you should do is before planting the seeds into the soil soak those seeks in warm water for around 24 hours. This can help your plants to grow faster and stronger altogether.

  1. Use Coffee Ground
This is one of the most useful and beneficial hack for gardening. If you are gardening in the month of Summer, Spring or Autumn for that matter and have ample amount of coffee at your disposal you can always use that coffee to keep pests away from the plants. Just use the coffee grounds lay them on the garden or in the soil and in it will help to keep the pests away in the most effective way possible. On the other hand, you can also use crushed egg shells to keep pests away from your plants.

  1. Plastic Pots
Are you tired of always using a trowel or a shovel to dig up the plants in your garden which are dead and then planting new ones? Or just changing the location of one plant to another location? You can use plastic pots for this purpose. Place plastic pots directly in the landscaping beds and then place your seasonal plants into it. Whenever the plant dies or you want to change the location of the plant you just have to remove the old pot and put in a new one.

  1. Use Vodka For Cut Flowers
The purpose of gardening is not only to help Mother Nature but to also make the environment look beautiful and pretty. We also use flowers in our houses because they give a pleasant sight and smell. In order for the cut flowers to last longer than usual add a little vodka to the water you are putting them into.

  1. Buddy Gardening
There is this very interesting concept about buddy gardening. Plants also have best friends. There are some plants which if you plant together can grow more beautifully and give you more benefits. Take an example of strawberries which if planted next to thyme and corn grow up to be tastier and flavorful.

  1. Straw Bale
Straw bale gardening is not only cheap but also convenient for many gardeners. Straw bare gardening serves as an alternative to soil. It also provides the necessary nutrients to the plant as it decomposes. Straw bale is also low maintenance and you do not need to worry much about taking constant care of it. Absorbent bales generally also require less watering than normal soil.

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