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How A Bug Out Vehicle Can Help Save Your Life When SHTF

How A Bug Out Vehicle Can Help Save Your Life When SHTF

Are you a survivalist? Always prepared for when Stuff Hits The Fan? If yes, then you have probably familiarized yourself with bug out camps, survival kits, proper attire to go with it and so on. However, are you sure you are completely prepared? Have you ticked off all important items on your survival list? Such as freeze dried food that can be stored in all sorts of temperatures, durable sleeping bags, batteries with long lasting cells, extra blankets, and the efficient survival gear and so on.

Sometimes in the event of a major crisis there is a possibility that you may not end up taking refuge in your own home as you had initially planned, this might be due to a number of reasons; flooding, earthquakes, tsunami, urban unrest, economic crisis, nuclear fallout or simply TEOTWAWKI, etc.

Your Plan B might be retrieving to a hide out or off grid home, however reaching that destination might take up to a few days or few weeks depending on the scale of the disaster. It would then be wise to resort to a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). A bug out vehicle is simply another important tool to consider on your survival list. It is important to scrutinize and consider this tool because it might make the difference between life and death. It is not only a means of transportation but rather survival since it is equipped with solar power with large battery backup pack, a system of storing gallons of fresh of water, duel water filtration system, a waste management system, accommodations for make-shift beds and assisted with the occasional weaponry such as flick knifes, guns, scopes, ropes and so on.

Not only this but it can also go anywhere and can cover difficult ground at excellent speed especially if it is fuel efficient, such survival vehicles are usually built for extreme weathers and thus are fairly reliable. They often come with heavy duty off-road tires, full size spare tires, brush guard, optional fuel tanks, on board air compressor and a roof rack. Bug out Vehicles are specifically designed to cater to a survivalists needs. So they are often accompanied with in-built kitchenettes, necessary appliances, sleeping kits, bug out bags and so on. The most important advantage of a Bug Out Vehicle is its ability to carry several people (five to six) and this way it ensures that even an entire family can survive ;obviously only after you have calculated how to properly ration for each member of the group.

If we compare these Bug Out vehicles to the human body it can be said that the human body is itself a means of transportation and is often any persons first option during a catastrophe. Also, it will certainly be your last resort regardless of any other option you may use along that way so if you have been taking care of your body and feeding it with right nutrients then it can help you survive any situation. If you think about a Bug Out Situation, you never know, you might end up climbing, walking, running or even swimming, you may have to stay in the same spot for long periods in uncomfortable positions or dark and damp places while you wait for the disaster to settle in.

Obviously in such a situation a bug out vehicle would be of little use and you would have to rely completely on your own body. Here is how to ensure that you exploit your body to its fullest potential: Make sure you are carrying a bug out bag, you are wearing convenient shoes such as boots and then ask yourself these questions: Are your shoes waterproof? Or do they dry out quickly? How much weight can you carry or how many miles can you walk or hike in those particular shoes? Do you carry a flashlight with you incase night falls? Are you carrying a map with you or compass? Is there sufficient amount of food or water in your bug out beg? And most importantly how long do you think you can go on trekking on the path ahead without taking a break? It depends on your energy and usually how many hours of sleep did you get the last time you slept.

In the end, it depends on the type of survivalist you are. Would you rather opt for a proper vehicle such as an SUV or an Earth Roamer, which is good in terms of weather durability and proper protection for both yourself and your family or would you rather depend on your own body, which is good in terms of accessibility and fitting in small enclosures? Both are examples BOV and both have their pros and cons.

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