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Food Kits: A Necessity

Food Kits: A Necessity

Don’t want to get stuck in a hurricane without any adequate preparation? Then you need to make sure you have the following things:

  • Proper Food kit
  • Rechargeable Flash light
  • Travel aid
  • Generator
  • Solar panels
  • Clothing
  • Bug out sleeping beds
  • First aid
  • Personal hygiene necessities
  • Tools such as a pocket knife
  • Cell phone
  • Rope
  • Sunglasses

The list goes on and on but one thing is for sure, whether you are stuck in a hurricane or suffering from the aftershock of an earthquake or tsunami you will definitely need energy to cope with the aftermath of it all. And of course energy comes from not only resting but also food!

People usually find themselves overlooking the obvious while prepping for natural disasters or a zombie apocalypse. They will have everything prepared in case they need to stake out for a few days, from sleeping bags to toothbrushes they will have it all. They might even pack a bit of food but is it really the right type of food? A few energy bars to survive for 72 hours or more are hardly sufficient. With no electricity, ovens, running water, refrigerators or other modern conveniences what are you supposed to do? Sit it out? No of course not you are a prepper and you need to be ready for anything. What you need is a proper food kit as mentioned above in our survival checklist.

The most common mistake that people make is they forget about packing the right rations of food for their family till the very last moment, that way they end up fighting over the last bottle of water or the last can of beans. With a food kit at your disposal you will not have to face those issues. These food kits have a variety of proper non-perishable food. The food does not require heat, cold, or other inconvenient things that you might need access to. Just grab your bug out bag, food kit and other necessities and you are on the go!
What a food kit basically guarantees:

  • Peace of mind – You don’t have to worry about the basic necessities, and you can focus on more pressing matters.
  • Your family taken care of – Whether you are taking care of children or aging parents, you can be sure everyone will be fed.
  • Non-perishable foods you can actually eat and enjoy – Some prepackaged foods are only meant for emergencies, given no consideration of whether or not they actually taste like food. Imagine an emergency food supply that actually tastes good. Natural disaster food doesn’t have to tolerated, you can actually enjoy it.
When you come across the term “food kit” you might think the kit only consists of the essentials proteins, rice, bread, eggs , beans, cereals etc but our food kits offer a much more satisfying range of meals. What the food kit is made of also depends on the type of food kit it is. There is a variety of food kits that come in handy in different situations. If you are bugged out during a hurricane you might want to purchase a 72 hour food kit. If however, you have to face the aftermath of a flood and the staple crops in your country have been destroyed as a result of the flood then a long term food kit will do.

Our food kits offer a large variety of foods to choose from such as vegetables, meat, eggs; TVP textured vegetable protein, beans, cereal, coconut water, bread, drinks, fruits, fruit powders, gluten free, granola bars, milk, oat meal, protein powders, rice, pasta, soup, vegetable powder, dried fruits, and other organic staples.

With all the necessary staple foods that you will need to purchase to survive during a catastrophe you might as well spend a few extra bucks on getting comfortable. Food storage desserts such as fudge brownie mixes, dehydrated chocolate milk boxes, rice protein vanilla shakes and dessert buckets are just some of the many types of desserts that can help make surviving a hurricane a bit more bearable. Besides most of the 72 hour food kits automatically come with desserts. These food storage desserts are especially desirable if you are the kind of person who prefers having dessert after every meal. These food kits already provide three meals: lunch, dinner and breakfast so why not add dessert as well.

The only real drawback of having dessert as part of your emergency food supply is the storage part; without any refrigerator storage of such items might be difficult but most of these desserts will not necessarily raise these issues since most of them are in powder form or are properly packaged.

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