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Bug Out Food Storage

Bug Out Food Storage


Bugging out doesn't have to be a disaster but it very well could be if you don't have the right food and supplies. It is insufficient to only have food storage in your basement at home. If you have to relocate to your safe house you may or may not have enough time to grab your preps, load them and your cooking equipment up in your vehicle, and then drive to your retreat shelter. A better idea would be to prepare yourself with enough bug out food in your fall out location.

Part of determining the proper food supply for your bugout shelter is the temperature throughout the year. Regardless of the type of food preps you store, extreme heat will cause them to go bad faster than a speeding bullet. The worst thing that you could do would be to store them in an attic. Before storing your food you should consider the best method to store it. If your bug out location isn't below ground or in a cave it is highly recommended to dig out a basement, a cold cellar or create a cold storage room. Ideal temperatures would be less 60 Fahrenheit which is 16.6 degrees Celsius.


Variety is the next consideration in your bug out food storage. An ideal selection would include breakfast meals, lunch kits, and dinner entrees. In addition to food supply meal kits you should also stock fruits, vegetables, drinks, and desserts in case you're retreat is more than a few days. It would be a great idea to stock up for at least a couple of months for yourself and family members. Another recommendation would be to purchase bulk quantities of Non-GMO food storage because what good would it be to survive an emergency or natural disaster only to get cancer from your preps. Don't want to take the time to pick your own supplies and food? Simply choose one of our pre-made bug out bags.

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