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A Nurses' Guide to Staying Fit to Survive the Worst

A Nurses' Guide to Staying Fit to Survive the Worst

A healthy body and mind can help you get through any bad situation. So nurses, when you prepare for the worst, you need to be at your physical and mental best. Most people focus on storing food and water and working out where to shelter when they make emergency plans. You can store all the emergency food supplies you want but when the time comes to get into fight or flight mode you’ll need your physical and mental health first and foremost.

Max Fitness Is the Key

How do you achieve maximum fitness? You start small and build your body to the point where it is healthy enough to endure stress. That means if you are a nurse who never works out, you have to start hitting the gym, at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Make small changes at first and you will see a big difference within weeks.

Learn to endure periods of anaerobic stress (when your body doesn’t use oxygen as fuel) and build up your stamina. If you find it hard to stay motivated with exercise, then don’t give up. Not all exercise routines are created alike, maybe you will benefit from running or jogging instead of lifting weights. Maybe you are more of a swimmer. Whichever exercises suites you best, find out by experimenting.

Sacrifice Temptation for Health

The enemy of health is the television, iPad, cell phone or whatever electronic device you are hooked on to. Leave the gadgets at home and get out and about. Go for walks around your neighborhood or go cycling with a few friends.

Once you’ve built up some stamina, go on a few camping trips. These won’t just help with your health; they are also great for building survival skills like how to make a fire or forage for food. Another good way to get in shape is to join a fitness class or group. This will help you stay motivated as working out alone can be a bit difficult. What could be better than a group of survivalists in a spin class?

Mental Health and Physical Fitness

Once you have improved your physical health, you also should think about your mental well-being. In times of stress, your mental acuity and health will allow you to make quick, tough decisions. A sharp and well-trained mind can also bear stress for longer periods of time. Keep your mind agile by practicing yoga and training your mind by playing Sudoku or other challenging brain-games.

Make sure you eat well at all times and include lots of antioxidant rich foods, like bright vegetables or fruits, or antioxidant supplements to protect against brain aging. It is also imperative to your physical health to eat healthy and avoid processed foods as the high levels of salt and fat in these leads to obesity and hypertension.

Make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Hydration is the key for both mental and physical alertness. The standard rule to follow is at least 8 glasses of water a day and more if you are losing lots of water as sweat during work-outs or the summer.

A healthy mind and body is a temple. And they are your best defense against an enemy during an emergency. Stay alert and active to survive!

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