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7 Best Tactical Watches That Won’t Betray You

7 Best Tactical Watches That Won’t Betray You

Fancy watches come in all shapes and sizes and though they look really cool on your wrist, they can never be your adventure buddies. If you want a watch that can be your guide to the roughest terrain possible, a partner to all your deep sea diving endeavors and a tough companion in you rock climbing adventures, these tactical watches are just made for you. The best part about the following military watches is that they all feature a price tag below the $210 mark so read on to find your perfect adventure comrade.


This brute beauty is practically unbreakable. Its users warn potential buyers against letting the digital readout of this watch fool you into thinking that it’s some cheap issue by the manufacturer. In truth, the Expedition is built with quartz movement that will keep it on track for periods longer than you can imagine. This keyboard uses 16 compass points, which work like a charm for map tracking and pathfinding and its nice resin band ensure that the watch never leaves your wrist in the harshest of conditions.

One can purchase this watch at a token price of $68.

Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

This marvel by Casio is able to dive down more than 650 feet without letting in a single molecule of water. It is equipped with an LED light, complete with an afterglow feature, for perfect viewing in the dark. It features a body that can easily resist interference from magnetic structures and is tough enough hombre for special ops. In a nut shell, the GA100-1A1 is an easy choice for a go-to watch so if you have around $72 in your pockets, think no more.


Weighty Measure: This tactical watch by times is simply a hulk of a timepiece as it bears a slide-rule bezel and true quartz movement. One of its many pros is that it come with knurled case sides but a con to this is that it is water resistant to only 330 feet. But with stainless steel structure on the outside with a pristine crystal that is clear as still water you’re getting a lot of watch for the money you have to pay for it. The watch is priced at $106 and is easily available from almost all stores.


If you are looking for a solar military watch that you can boast of as the best tactical watch amongst your friends, we tell you to look no further. CASIO PAG240-1CR PATHFINDER is a solar watch that really delivers. It fights off changes in altitude, pressure, weather and continues to tick even when the mercury drops. If that’s not all, the watch also features multiple alarms, a stopwatch and numerous easily accessible features that make it as much fun as it is as a utility. This tough watch can be yours at an affordable price of $160. A fair deal?


Looking for a watch that can keep up with you during tour tough workout routines or your rock climbing adventures? This Casio’s Rangeman can help you a lot here. Featuring a shock resistance intended to withstand long drops and loads of pressure while at the same time sporting a precise, atomic time-keeping, this watch can prove to be as tough as your fatigues. Its various sensors give you valuable feedback keeping you abreast with the changes in environment around you. Experts say that if this watch is used to its full potential, it can save your life even in the harshest of conditions. Its only drawback is that its time couldn’t be seen without direct light. The watch is priced at $187.


Tested with time and electrochemically bonded with PVD finish, this brute watch covers the lack of its sub dials with its carefully crafted 316L stainless steel body. Its Advanced Field Operator feature allows you to take it into any rough forest full of thorny bushes or dive heedlessly into any ocean. Rest assured the watch will never fail you. Its Miyota quartz movement keeps perfect time and it simply can’t be knocked out of alignment so do with it as you please, it will never disappoint. What’s more? It’s scratch resistant and comes with easy-to-replace straps to suit any style. Fair deal? You can buy it at a token price of $200.


Last but not least is this absolute marine love from Luminox. The company (Luminox) specializes in making their watch faces visible so its numbers pop in the dark and let you read in 24-hour and standard time format. The difference between two time formats is made obvious through the embedded numbers around the bezel. The watch is 660 meter water resistance and is simply a rugged, minimalist timepiece. It can be yours if you spend $209 for it.

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