Valley Food Storage Freeze-Dried Whole Powdered Eggs - 6.35 Oz Bag

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Brand: Valley Food Storage

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: All Valley Food Storage freeze dried protein is non-GMO and contains no added junk, because its purpose is to nourish you. The only ingredient is pasteurized eggs!
  • NUTRITIOUS: This pouch of freeze dried eggs is a great source of protein and can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes, such as breakfast tacos, scrambled eggs, ramen, and many more.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Having shelf stable food at the ready means you can rest easy, knowing our premium on-the-go healthy snacks have prepared you for any survival situation, whether camping, hiking, or an emergency.
  • QUICK PREP: Simply add package contents to water in a 4:5 ratio, and you have liquid eggs ready to cook however you want! Each pouch is equivalent to a dozen eggs.
  • EASY STORAGE: No need to pack bulky meal prep containers! All our food comes in compact mylar bags that fit snugly in any backpack, and can be resealed and stowed away for later.