Valley Food Storage Freeze-Dried Mac & Cheese - 3 Pack

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Brand: Valley Food Storage

Introducing Mac and Cheese, a comfort food classic, now available in a generous 15-serving pack. Ideal for lunch or dinner, this entrée is as delicious as it sounds. Our heavy-duty resealable Mylar bags offer freshness for up to 25 years, providing convenience and flavor in every serving.
  • PLENTY OF PORTIONS: 5 servings per bag of our popular Mac and Cheese.
  • DELICIOUS: Perfect for lunch or dinner.
    Comfort food that lives up to its great taste.
  • RESEALABLE PACKETS: Made of heavy-duty resealable Mylar bags for freshness.
  • FOOD WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST: Stays fresh in your emergency kit for up to 25 years.
  • SIMPLE, CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Every ingredient is 100% clean and non-GMO.
    Zero fillers for a straightforward and satisfying meal.