Space Age Snacks Freeze Dried Moon Clouds Candy - 8 Ounce

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Brand: Space Age Snaks

  • Some Things Are Better Crunchy: Our freeze dried candy is out of this world (literally). Warning: you may find that our dry freeze candy Moon Clouds are addictively tasty. Be sure to try out our freeze dried candy pack when it's available. Coming soooon!
  • Small Batches = Better Candy: Our freeze dried moon clouds are processed differently than the other freeze dried candies out there. We work in extremely small batches of freezed dried candy to ensure the highest quality and crunch. You'll notice that our candy freeze dried is lighter and crunchier than other frozen dried candy. That's because we don't overcrowd our machines.
  • Extreme Crunch: Freeze dried Hi Crunch Moon Clouds are not for the faint of heart. You'll notice that they're significantly crunchier than most other freeze dried candies. We take pride in our work and we owe it all to our amazing customers. From our galaxy to yours, thank you.
  • Try Our Whole Selection: Make sure to try out our freeze dried cosmo cubes, freeze dried peach rings, freeze dried cosmic crunchies candy, freeze dried caramel apple lollipops and more. We're working on expanding our selection of freeze dried candy cheap. You'll save by bundling your items!!
  • From Our Small Business to You: We love making freeze dried candies and we wouldn't be here without you!! Thank you for your purchase of freeze dried snacks asmr candy, you're helping to support a local business that employs locally.