SOS Hydration Electrolyte Powder Packets Citrus Flavor 20 Sticks - Pack of 20

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Brand: SOS Hydration

Fast-Acting Hydration: SOS Hydration Citrus Flavor Electrolyte Powder Packets provide 3x faster hydration than water alone, with 50% more electrolytes and 75% less sugar than alternatives.
Effective Dehydration Solution: Our replenishing formula meets WHO standards for Oral Rehydration Therapy Solutions and is highly effective against mild-to-moderate dehydration.
Independently Tested & Approved: SOS Hydration is tested and approved by universities, laboratories, and the military as an effective dehydration deterrent.
Fastest Absorption Rate: With an osmolarity absorption rate of 169 mmol/L, our drink mix helps balance water and sodium levels in your body quicker than competing sports drinks.
Versatile Use: Perfect for pre-/post-workouts, beach trips, air travel, and more, our low-sugar, Keto-certified formula is ideal for anyone and any occasion.
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