Red Feather Canned Butter - Real New Zealand Butter - 24 Cans

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Brand: Red Feather Butter

Red Feather Canned Butter is a premium, natural butter made in Australia and New Zealand for over 70 years. The distinctive red and gold packaging is a symbol of the delicious and pure taste of Red Feather butter. Made from milk sourced from country paddocks of rich green grass, this butter is 100% pure with no artificial colors or flavors. It is conveniently available in traditional durable cans that don't require refrigeration, making it perfect for camping, boating, and remote areas where refrigeration is not available. With an indefinite shelf life, this butter is ideal for long-term food storage programs. Each can contains 12oz of sweet creamy butter made with only 2 ingredients - pasteurized cream and salt, and is certified Halal and hormone-less. Shelf-stable for 10 years, the date printed on the cans is the manufacturing date and not the expiration date. If you're looking for REAL canned butter, not powdered or freeze-dried, Red Feather Canned Butter is the perfect choice.
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