One Step Meal Vegetarian Emergency Combo Pack - 5 Freeze-Dried Camping Food Pouches

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Brand: One Step Meal

Experience authentic tastes and flavors with One Step Meal's Vegetarian Emergency Combo Pack. This pack includes 5 delicious and healthy freeze-dried camping food pouches: Mango Curry, Lentil Curry, Pasta Primavera, Apple Oatmeal, and Cocoa Rice Pudding. Made with high-quality vegetarian ingredients, these meals are cooked by hand by a small team of chefs in Northern Europe. With measured nutrition and no added additives or preservatives, these meals are healthy, safe, and easy to prepare - simply add hot or cold water. Each pouch has a 2-year shelf life, making it a perfect addition to your emergency food supply. Try One Step Meal's Vegetarian Emergency Combo Pack and taste the quality!