NDS (50 Gallon) Rainwater Collection System Kit with 3 Side Panels and 1 Cover (Black)

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Introducing the NDS Rainwater Collection System Kit, a perfect solution for collecting, detaining, and infiltrating excess water. This kit comes with three side panels and one cover, all in a sleek black finish. Made of structural polyolefin with UV inhibitors, the round drywell system has 18 1.5' knockout leaching ports and three 4.5' knockouts for inlet/outlet ports per panel, making it easy to connect to 4' sch-40 and 4' DWV pipe. With a capacity of 50 gallons, the unit is ideal for residential and commercial locations such as yards, playgrounds, golf courses, wash-down areas, rain gardens, and bioswales.
Installation is simple, as the kit connects to a 4 in. Sewer and Drain (S&D) Pipe through the top cover knockout and the 12 side-panel knockout points connect to 4 in. S&D and Sch. 40 Pipes. The Flo-Well Dry Well has 250% greater water holding capacity than comparable gravel-filled dry wells, and requires only a small amount of gravel at the base to prevent scouring. It provides 250% more detention volume than traditional dry wells, making it a gravel-free alternative.
This versatile product can be used as a stand-alone product or in multiples, as the units can be stacked up to four high or side-by-side 18 in. apart. It supports pedestrian traffic including lawn tractors and can be buried or stacked up to 8 ft. deep. The open bottom allows water to seep into the gravel and ground below, but a bottom panel is sold separately to provide a base for a sump pump if desired.
Upgrade your water collection system with the NDS Rainwater Collection System Kit today!