Lion Energy GO 20 - Solar Panel

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Brand: Lion Energy

This small, portable solar panel can charge the Lion Cub GO power unit and smaller USB devices directly. It comes with a built-in 11.8" dual USB cord and two USB outputs. At only 4.5 pounds, it's easy to grab-and-go and use it outside almost anywhere the sun is shining directly.
Specs and Outputs
20Watt Solar Panel with Monocrystalline cells
Dual USB 11.8" connector wire from panel to Lion Cub GO with max current output of 8A
2 USB 5.34V, 4A outputs
Dimensions: 18.4" x 14.3" x 1" (L x W x H in Inches)
Weight: 3 lbs
Anti-corrosive structural aluminum housing
Photovaltaic cells cased in air-tight tempered glass
20-year life expectancy before an electrolytic breakdown