LifeSaving Nuclear War Survival Skills Book - Hardcover

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Introducing the Nuclear War Survival Skills Book, now available in hardcover! This comprehensive guide is written specifically for the average person, with everyday items found in most homes and apartments in mind. Known as expedient civil defense, this approach encourages individuals to utilize the resources around them to protect and provide for themselves and their families in the event of a nuclear disaster.
With this book as your guide, you'll learn how common household items like buckets, towels, rocks, and clay can be used to filter nuclear fallout out of water. Plus, you'll discover the myriad of ways that other items in your home or residence can serve as valuable survival tools.
While the infrastructure that provides for us is often lost in the aftermath of large disasters, this book equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope and survive with what you have. Whether you're facing a nuclear disaster or any other type of crisis, the Nuclear War Survival Skills Book is an essential resource that could quite literally save your life. Don't wait any longer to learn these valuable skills - read more now!