Life Gear - LG329 Emergency Food, Water and Thermal Blanket for 1 Person, 3 Days

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Brand: Life Gear

The Life Essentials kit from Life+Gear is a must-have for every family member, student, or co-worker in case of an emergency. It includes the essential items for survival - food, water, and warmth. The kit provides a 3 day supply of both water and food, both made in the USA and US Coast Guard approved with a 5 year shelf life. It also includes a thermal blanket that can capture 80 percent of body heat to keep you warm in cold temperatures. For even greater safety and protection, the Life Essentials kit fits into the Wings of Life Backpack, providing complete protection for a family of four or extended days of protection for a smaller family. The kit is instantaneously portable and ideal for the home, office, car, or outdoor adventures. Use it as a starter emergency kit or add it to your existing supplies for peace of mind wherever you go.