Humless Universal Control Box 8.5

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Brand: Humless

To control the solar on your roof when the grid fails, you need the Universal 8.5. Now UL9540 compliant!

The Universal 8.5 Control is our intelligent Energy Control that works with any 48 Volt battery chemistry. It offers advanced software that keeps grid-tied solar panels on during a grid outage.
The Universal does AC and DC couple from PV solar simultaneously. This means AC coupled inverters can be used off the grid. It comes with generator auto-start, load shaving, and many other features.
The 8.5k Control can handle continuous power loads of 6,800 Watts with surges of 8.500 Watts for 30 Minutes and surges of 12,000 watts for 1 minute. This allows homeowners to work off-grid or grid-tied with more advanced system controls with their current 48V battery bank. For more output power you can stack multiple units together.
This is a complete control system with intelligent energy software, breakers, fuses and a built-in MPPT for DC charging. Will AC couple to any grid tied PV inverter and is now UL9540 compliant.



32" Wide x 57" Tall x 13" Deep

8.5 kVA

8,500 Watt @ 30 Min; 11,000 Watt @ 5 Min; 12,000 Watt @ 1 Min


Yes (Simultaneously from PV)

Grid-tied and off-grid compatible







The Universal 8.5 kVA offers our intelligent energy management software with a 60A DC charge controller and LCD screen for system monitoring. The Universal comes with a PV charger, can be charged from the grid, and has a built-in generator input. This inverter/control has enough output power to take a cabin completely off the gird or power critical loads in a home.
This system, due to its size, requires a minimum battery bank of 300AH at 48 Volts. The Universal 8.5 kVA Control can AC and DC couple from solar PV simultaneously. This allows it to AC couple any solar inverter between 4,000-8,500 Watts depending (on AC PV solar inverter type chosen). On the DC coupled array you can also add up to 3,500 watts of solar PV.
This Universal control comes complete with self protections, advanced control systems, a built-in generator 2-wire auto start feature, and will pair with any 48V battery bank above 300A. This unit is fully stackable for larger output if needed.
Universal 8.5k Control now offers UL9540:
Standard(s): Energy Storage Systems and Equipment [ANSI/CAN/UL 9540:2016 Ed.1]