Lion Energy 30 Watt Hand Crank Generator

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Brand: Lion Energy

The Lion Energy Hand Crank Generator is designed to perform as an emergency power supply. It has valuable applications in a variety of conditions, including earthquakes, survival conditions, emergency communication, long-term power disruption, outdoor activities, geological exploration, marine vessels and fighting forest fires, etc. In areas without electricity or fuel for electrical power generation, this generator can supply power to different electronic products. It is suitable for low-power radio, interphone, laptops, mobile phones, cd players, mp3 players, mobile tvs, etc. It is also able to directly charge rechargeable lithium, nickel-metal hydride and lead-acid batteries.
The Hand Crank Generator uses high-tech magnetic conversion technology and rare earth magnets to deliver high efficiency power. The outer case is made of high-strength aluminum alloy composite materials, imparting light-weight, portable carrying capacity. A wide range of output voltages from 0-28 volts is available for charging various electronic products or batteries. It utilizes the pulse-charge method for efficient charging and activating of the battery to extend battery life. This generator can directly charge electronic devices, recharge batteries or connect with a DC-AC power inverter and DC-DC converters for various current & voltage requirements.
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