Survival Frog - Ultra-Mini LED Flashlight

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Brand: Survival Frog

Introducing the Frog & Co. Ultra-Mini LED Flashlight, a compact powerhouse with premium features for all your lighting needs.
Rechargeable Extended Life Battery: 30 minutes of fast charging provides 48-60 hours of dependable light.
Up to 650 Lumens: Despite its ultra-mini size, this bright flashlight is perfect for various activities like camping, fishing, caving, signaling for help, or power outages.
Keychain & Pocket Clip: Be better prepared with the convenience of a keychain and pocket clip, allowing easy access or hands-free use by clipping it to your hat brim, tent, or other surfaces.
IPX65 Waterproof Level: Durable and waterproof, this flashlight thrives in any weather and can survive accidental drops in puddles.
Multiple Lighting Modes: Equipped with additional LEDs on the handle, featuring strobe lighting for signaling and catching attention.
Glow in the Dark: Spot your flashlight easily in your bag or during unexpected power outages with this useful feature.
Ultra-mini and ultra-bright, this LED flashlight delivers up to 650 lumens in a compact design. Dependable, durable, and rechargeable, it allows you to have reliable light wherever you go.
Weight: 0.7 oz
Dimensions: 2.65” inches x 0.7” inches
Color: Clear
Light Source: LED
Charge time: 30 Minutes
Battery Capacity: 48-60 hours
Battery: 500mAh lithium
Includes: 1x Ultra-Mini LED Flashlight, 1x USB Type C Charging Cable