Freeze Drying Cookbook For Preppers: 1500 Days Of Recipes - Paperback

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Freeze Drying Cookbook for Preppers - Paperback Features:
  •  Includes Downloadable eBook: Find instructions inside on how to access the bonus eBook.
  •  eBook: The Prepper’s Survival Bible: Navigate uncertain times with perfect preserves for long-lasting self-sufficiency.
Book Highlights:
  • Secure Your Pantry: Have a well-stocked pantry for uncertain times.
  • Expert Insights: Understand the science of freeze-drying to prevent mold or harmful agents.
  • Top Foods to Freeze-Dry: Discover the 7 best foods that retain flavors and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Safety Precautions: Learn essential precautions to prevent food spoilage during crucial times.
  • Equipment Guide: A comprehensive list of necessary equipment with money-saving tips.
  • Life-Saving Recipes: Over 1,500 days of recipes for freeze-drying meat, fruits, vegetables, soups, and ready-to-use meals.
Even for beginners, the Freeze Drying Cookbook for Preppers offers simple and intuitive techniques. Learn how to have ample reserves to face the next disaster with confidence!