Compact Provisions BP-5s Emergency Food Supply - 3 Pack - 9 Bars per Box

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Brand: Compact Provisions

Compact Provisions presents BP-5s, the trusted leader in survival rations since 1948, now available in the USA. BP-5s are the original compact emergency food ration and ready-to-eat survival nutrition. With each 9-bar box, you get enough nutrition to feed one adult for two days in survival mode, or one full day based on standard caloric intake. Each box provides 2385 calories, 72g protein, and a 5-year shelf life.
BP-5s are based on 70+ years of rigorous food science and are non-GMO, great-tasting, non-greasy, and easy to portion. You can eat them straight out of the box or mix with hot water into a porridge. With BP-5s, no cooking is required. They are perfect for emergency situations as no electricity, gas, or heat source is needed.
BP-5s are ideal for your home, office, or vehicle emergency food kit, and they are perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing, backpacking, and more. National authorities recommend 72-hour disaster preparedness, and FEMA and the Red Cross advise maintaining at least a 3-day supply of essentials, including non-perishable survival foods. With BP-5s, you can protect yourself and make a difference for others.
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