BLUETTI B300 Expansion Battery | 3,072Wh

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Brand: Bluetti

Introducing the BLUETTI B300 Expansion Battery, the ultimate portable power station. With a massive 3,072Wh capacity and a smart MPPT system, it quickly recharges through solar power at a 200W maximum loading scale. You can also recharge it via wall socket, car charging, or lead-acid battery with the D050S.
The B300 features a 100W USB-C, 12V/10A car output, and USB-A ports, making it perfect for powering your smartphones, laptops, fans, lights, refrigerators, and even microwave ovens. With over 3,500 life cycles and up to 80% original capacity, the B300 is a reliable and expandable battery pack.
It's the ideal power source for both home backup and trip power bank, powering all your necessities for family gatherings and camping trips. With the BLUETTI AC200MAX, AC200P, or AC300 series, you can even double, triple, or quadruple the total capacity. Get ready to power up with the BLUETTI B300 Expansion Battery.