BLUETTI 2*AC300 + 8*B300 + 1*P030A + 8*PV200 | Solar Generator Kit

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Brand: Bluetti

Introducing the BLUETTI 2AC300 + 8B300 + 1P030A + 8PV200 Solar Generator Kit, a powerful and versatile solution for all your power needs. With a 3,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (6,000W Surge), this kit boasts a 3,072Wh Capacity (Expandable w/ up to 4 × B300 for 12,288Wh) and a LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%.
The kit features 240V Split Phase Bonding and 24/7 UPS Home Backup, ensuring reliable power in any situation. With 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead-acid Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar), you can easily keep your system charged and ready to go. The kit also supports a 2400W Max. Solar Input and 5400W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC), allowing you to charge your system quickly and efficiently.
The BLUETTI AC300 is 100% modular, supporting up to 4×B300 (3,072Wh per pack) battery modules for a groundbreaking capacity of 12,288Wh! You can power your basic family needs for DAYS during emergencies or power outages! The 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter can adjust the charging rate from 1800W to 3000W via wall outlets according to your needs. The AC input is 1800W by default, which can boost to 3000W with the 30A charging cable (Sold separately on BLUETTI).
The 5400W Blazing Input Rate allows you to plug in the wall outlet and solar panels for fast charging of the AC300 at a 5,400W Max rate, saving you a lot of charging time. The 5,400W input rate combines 2,400W solar and 3,000W AC, which requires two B300s. Or the rate would be limited to 3,000W with only one B300.
With the Fusion Box Pro(P030A), you can connect two AC300s in series for 240V/6,000W output and a total capacity of 24,576Wh (4 B300s for each AC300). Additionally, the kit comes with 8*PV200 solar panels, allowing you to easily harness the power of the sun.
Using BLUETTI Smart Home Panel, you can tie the AC300 power system to your home grid, providing you with reliable power during outages. With this kit, you can power your home whenever power outages occur with easy setup, Just Power On. This one system is all you need for all your power needs.