Augason Farms eQuenchal Canned Water - Pallet of 2,496 Cans of Water

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Brand: Augason Farms

A pallet of eQuenchal—that’s 228.8 gallons of water—will provide one person with about 7.75 months of fresh water for drinking, food prep, and basic hygiene. For a family of four, the pallet will provide roughly 60 days of fresh water.
That’s right, eQUENCHAL boasts a 30-year shelf life and provides a critically-needed alternative to plastic bottles that are subject to chemical leaching, water quality deterioration, and damaging environmental consequences. And did we tastes great?
Water is the most overlooked emergency supply. Yet, we all know how critical it is to our survival. Humans can live without food for a few weeks, but we must have clean water for drinking within three days, which is why water storage is a critical investment. As we’ve recently experienced, supermarkets can quickly sell out of water, making preparedness very difficult to accomplish in real time. And in many emergencies, supermarkets are impossible to even reach.
When it comes to your family's emergency preparedness, ensure you have the water you need by stocking up on eQuenchal. It's the most sustainable, durable, and safe on-the-go water available, and is perfect for:
  •     Drinking and hydration(minimum two quarts per day, per person; plus, plenty for pets)
  •     Emergency food preparation and clean up(most emergency meals require water to hydrate)
  •     Personal hygiene(minimum of two quarts per day, per person)
  •     Evacuation emergencies(on-the-go water that's easy to carry and transport)
  •     Long-term, shelter-in-place emergencies (large volumes of water for extended emergencies)
As a general rule of thumb, preparedness experts recommend that we prepare for a minimum of one gallon of water per person, per day. That's two quarts for drinking, one quart for cooking, and one quart for hygiene. For example, a family of four will need approximately 12 gallons of water—that's 5.5 cases—to get through a 72-hour emergency. For emergencies lasting seven days, the same family will need about 12.5 cases of water. Also, don't forget, you'll want to have plenty of water to keep your pets well-hydrated. Water is a critical investment for anyone who cares about food and water security.
We are 100% confident—and in fact guarantee—our 30-year shelf life based on three critical factors:

  1. Purification—Our in-house, state-of-the art filtration system purifies water through an 8-stage process:
  2. Sand filter
  3. Charcoal filter
  4. 5-micron filter
  5. Reverse osmosis stage one
  6. Reverse osmosis stage two
  7. 0.3-micron filter
  8. Ultra-violet treatment
  9. Ozone sterilization


  1. Container—Purifiedwater is sealed in aluminum cans, the best beverage container available globally. Here’s why:
  2. Zero leaching—provides 100% protection from gasses, light, moisture, and other contaminants
  3. BPA-free, polymer-based epoxy coating prevents any interaction of aluminum ions with the beverage and prevents the taste of metal
  4. Supports up to 250 pounds of direct weight
  5. Rust proof and resistant to corrosion
  6. Infinitely recyclable
  7. One of the most thoroughly tested beverage containers ever manufactured

  1. Testing—We tested 45-year-old canned emergency drinking water.

BCG independently tested nine samples of emergency canned water produced between 1975 and 2019. Every can, even the oldest, was found to be safe and drinkable. Across the board, the taste was good, comparable to most bottled waters on store shelves.
Dimensions & Weight 
Individual Case Quantity: 24 cans
Individual Case Size: 14.75" Length x 10" Width x 6.5" Height
Individual Case Weight: 20.4 lbs.
Pallet Quantity: 2496 cans
Pallet Size: 40" Length x 48" Width x 57" Height
Pallet Weight: 2108 lbs.