Augason Farms 5-Day 1-Person Survival Pail - 58 Servings

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Brand: Augason Farms

Augason Farms 5-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Supply is QSS-Certified and provides nourishment that’s well above average compared to most emergency foods on the market, with 2,432 calories and 46 grams of protein per day. In an emergency, calories and protein mean everything when it comes to high-quality, nourishing emergency food. High-quality meals are especially critical in stressful situations when the ability to stay focused is difficult, and energy is depleted at a faster rate. Equally important—because meals should be a comforting and positive experience during challenging situations—Augason Farms meals taste great. Many people even enjoy Augason Farms for their everyday meals when “quick-and-easy” is the best solution after a long day’s work.

MEALS INCLUDE: Buttermilk Pancakes (6 servings), Strawberry Creamy Wheat (8 servings), Spanish Rice (8 servings), Creamy Potato Soup (8 servings), Creamy Chicken-Flavored Rice (8 servings), Mushroom Pilaf (8 servings), Fettuccine Alfredo (4 servings), and Banana Chips (8 servings).

  • 2,432 calories and 46 grams protein per day
  • 58 total servings
  • Breakfast (2 varieties/14 total servings)
  • Lunch and dinner (5 varieties/36 total servings)
  • Fruit snack (1 variety/8 servings)
  • Quick and easy food prep, simply add water and cook
  • Use in times of financial difficulty or job loss, power outages, natural disasters, and extreme weather
  • Keep an emergency kit in every location you spend large chunks of time such as home, auto, workplace, college dorm room, RV, and cabin or vacation home
  • Food supply is ideal for camping and outdoor activities
  • Pail is lightweight, watertight, and stackable
  • Shelf life up to 30 years based on food type and storage conditions