10 Year Vegan Food and Water Kit

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Brand: Aqua Literz

Introducing our 2-person, 3-day emergency kit that comes packed with 6 liters of ultra pure water and 3 ready-to-eat food bars. Our products have been carefully designed to ensure that they not only have a long shelf life of 10 years but also great taste. They are both 100% Vegan, making them suitable for everyone.
Our Aqua Literz and food bars come in resealable packaging, ensuring that you can consume them at your convenience without worrying about spoilage. The water has a refreshing lemon flavor and is ultra-pure, providing high vitamin content.
This kit is perfect for storing at home or in your car. With a shelf life of 10 years, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for any unexpected situation that may arise. Stay safe and be ready with our 2-person, 3-day emergency kit!